About Me

Hi, I'm Brie.

My name is Brie, I've been doing illustration and character design for well over a decade now. The majority of my work is personal use, though I do offer commissions from time to time.

Born in 1990, I'm the youngest of three and while I didn't go to college I strived hard to make something of myself. I feel my hard work and dedication speaks for themselves. I work full time in the tech industry at the moment.

I started my PRIDE herp series during quarantine after a few friends expressed interest. I had adopted a leopard gecko in 2021 after my beloved bearded dragon, Rynn, passed away earlier that year. You can learn more about my pets below.

You can find my art at: https://twitter.com/EpsilonArts

Bear in mind I prefer individuals be 18 years or older to follow or interact on my account as I will sometimes discuss mature themes.


Dany is my second oldest dragon and another rescue. Due to MBD, she is a little malformed but incredibly sweet (if a bit skittish). She too is highly food motivated.


Peanut is my sweet, if a bit dull, boy. He is a big flirt and always trying to show off for the girls. Sometimes he will go to events with me.


Persi is our new leopard gecko, so she is still getting used to us. She's still very shy but she's coming out of her shell (or in this case Pokeball) a little more each day.

In Memory of...

Rynn was my first beardie and my favorite (don't tell the others). He came from an owner who just couldn't care for him anymore and abandoned him on a porch in South Jersey. Sadly, he passed away suddenly in January of 2021.

I'm always happy to take time to educate on reptile keeping, especially since Rynns' passing was a result of the prior owners poor husbandry.

Fly high little guy.

Cora was 8 years old, and my second oldest dragon. She had a lot of medical issues as a rescue, so every day was something new for me with her. She was HIGHLY food motivated which helped however she did have Yellow Fungus, something that is normally fatal within 12-months.

Cora's health began to deteriorate in August of 2022 and we ultimately made the decision to help her cross the rainbow bridge to be with Rynn.